Private treatments-Initial consultation including treatment-$125.00- this is approximately a two hour appointment including a comprehensive history and the first treatment.

Follow up appointment-$80.00. This appointment is usually 1.25 hours long.

Community Acupuncture--$40 per session with a one time new patient charge of $10.00.

Facial rejuvenation-$150.00 per session. Approximately 2 hour treatment.

Tui'na massage-$75.00 per session. Approximately 45 minutes to one hour. (This is a Tui'na session with limited or no needling.)

Cupping only-$40.00 This is a half hour treatment and is limted to cupping which is used for musculoskeleal pain, upper respiratory infections, asthma, and GI issues among other conditions. 

Payments accepted as cash, check, paypal or debit/credit cards. Visa, MC, Amex, Health Savings Account (if acupuncture is covered by your plan).

I do not participate with insurance. The reimbursement  rate for acupuncture does not reflect the quality of care my patients receive. However, the acupuncture community clinic rates are lower than many insurance plan co-pays. The clinic is an affordable way to receive top notch medical care at very reasonable out of pocket rates.